Peer Analysis

Benchmarking with Peer-Groups & Watchlists

Our Peer-Grouping capabilities are unparalleled – with UBQuant, you can define custom peer-groups with list of banks that suits your benchmarking needs. Trend with your watch list banks for a closer comparison with your competitors/peers.

  • UBQuant Analyticcs - Peer Group and Watchlist options
  • UBQuant Analyticcs - Bank Efficiency Ratio compared with peer group
  • UBQuant Analyticcs - Bank Efficiency Ratio trend with watchlist banks

Take benchmarking to a new level with your definition of peers. Define a target benchmark related group, pick your set of banks, and access any metric and financial ratios to compare against.

What is a MyGroup?

<noun> a custom group of banks defined and created by the user, with no restrictions or boundaries on banks that can be grouped together. Meaningful analysis can be made with group sizes of 10-20. UBQuant allows you to create groups sizes up to 50 banks.

What is a Watchlist?

<noun> a custom set of banks chosen by the user to trend and compare against individual bank values. Trending works best with small sets of banks. UBQuant allows you to create watchlists with up to 10 banks.