Financial Ratios

Standard Ratios

With UBQuant, you can access all the regulatory standard UBPR metrics under Standard Ratios organized for your intuitive access and better analytics.

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Summary Ratios, Income Statement, Noninterest Income, Expenses and Yields, Balance Sheet, Off Balance Sheet Items, Derivative Instruments, Derivative Analysis, Balance Sheet Percentage Composition, Analysis of Credit Allowance and Loan Mix, Analysis of Concentrations of Credit, Analysis of Past Due, Nonaccrual & Restructured, Interest Rate Risk Analysis as a Percent of Assets, Liquidity & Funding, Liquidity & Investment Portfolio, Capital Analysis, One Quarter Annualized Income Analysis, Securitization & Asset Sale Activities, Fiduciary & Related Services.

Critical Ratios

To enhance your performance evaluation, UBQuant pre-defines CAEL* metrics and other critical metrics with real-time formula-based computations to provide deeper insights for premium users. We curated these ratios to support evaluation of bank’s financial condition based on the commonly used regulatory rating metrics, red flags, industry resources, and our customer requests.

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Our Critical Ratio list is constantly growing with CAEL - Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Earnings, Liquidity, and more. Whether you are looking for capital adequacy ratios like Tier 1 Common Capital Ratio, or liquidity related ratios like Net Liquid Assets as a % of Total Assets, or ALLL over Total Loans, or Total CRE over Total Assets, we have them pre-defined. We build our critical ratio list with our user community and evolving with changing needs.

Custom Ratios (MyFormula)

Custom Ratios are user-defined calculated metrics that are computed from existing call or UBPR metrics to drive more relevant analyses for a greater actionability without leaving the product. UBQuant pro users can define their own custom formula ratios to build their personal set of analytics. Real-time computations yield instant results along with peer computations and trends. Take your evaluation to next level with your own set of formulas and build the stories your way, with your imagination being the only limitation. No limitations or restrictions on metrics – perform any arithmetic on any combination of valid Call and/or UBPR metric and create your formula to analyze, compare, and evaluate.

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MyFormula: <noun> user-defined compute formula for calculated metrics from existing metrics like:

  • UBPR2122 / UBPR2170
  • UBPR3123 + UBPRE557
  • (RIAD4093 / (UBPR4074 + RIAD4079)) * 100

Do you have a new ratio? Do your way with Custom Ratios or we will add to Critical Ratios on-demand

Analyze bank reports with any ratios, or research new insights with custom ratios – unmatched power, speed, and functionality with UBQuant.

* UBQuant CAEL specific metrics are curated with our user community needs, designed to provide these key metrics for real-time visual/data insights. Our ratio list is evolving with our customer requests and needs. UBQuant does not provide CAMELS ratings.